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Iran skiing 2004 - participants

Iran skiing 2004 is the sixth expedition of 155. mountaineering club Vsetin. After Pamiro-Alaj trips in 1999, 2000, and 2001, we travelled to Kamchatka-peninsula in 2002 and 2003, and finally, this year to Iran. All expeditions are connected with ski-alpinism, snowboarding, and other snow and ice based activities.

Jan Pala comes  over the stream. Jan "Palič" Pala, Ph.D. - leader, 30 years, Jablunka, Institue of Radio Engineering and Electronics Academy of Sciences Czech Republic. Huge experiences with ski alpinism in European mountains, in 1999, 2000 and 2001 expeditions into Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan). Year 2000 - leader of 15 mountaineers and skiers at Pik Lenin (7134 m) through the classical route via Pik Razdelnaja, one member at the summit, two finished due to weather at 7000 m. Year 2001 - leader of 22 mountaineers, snowboarder and skiers at Pik Lenin, first climb through the left part of the North Face and the first Czech downhill on skis, the first climb seven people (including first woman Alice Korbova), on the summit five people (ski-alpinists Petr Novak, Alice Korbova, Milan Hurtik, Jiri Pleskac, and telemarker Peter Kollar), three people climbed up through the classical route via Pik Razdelnaja. Ski-alpinist expeditions at vulcanos to Kamchatka-peninsula in 2002 and 2003. First Czech downhills from aproximately six vulcanos including the highest Kluchevskaja (4750 m) - together with Petr Novak, Natalia Zhukovets, and others.

Petr Adamek climbs Mt. Damavand. Petr "Hřib" Adámek - boss of 155. mountaineering club Vsetin, 37 years, Vsetin, specialist in work with climbing technique, climber, skialpinist and snowboarder, In 2001, he climbed up via own variation through the North Face of Pik Lenin with snowboard up to 6600 m alone, and he made downhill run. In 2002 he took part in succesfull expedition to Kamchatka. He passed a lot of summer and winter climbs in Alps and High Tatras together with skialpinism and snowboard.


Karel Torac near the Shelter I, Mt. Damavand in the background. Karel "Rámeček" Toráč, 29 years, Jablunka, specialist for venetian blind, climber and skialpinist. Member of Pik Lenin 2001 expedition, he climbed up a new route above Camp 3 up to 6500 m in the North Face of Pik Lenina. At Kamchatka in 2002 Jaroslave Gerza and he were the first Czech ski-alpinists at the vulcano Avachinskaja (2741 m). Otherwise he paid main attention into summer and winter High Tatras.


Petr Adamek climbs Mt. Damavand. Petr "Drabix" Drabek, 30 years, Hranice na Morave, teacher and IT specialist, skialpinist. Main attention in skiing was paid on Slovak mountains and Alps. It is his first trip to Asia.


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