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Iran skiing 2004 is the sixth expedition of 155. mountaineering club Vsetin. After Pamiro-Alaj trips in 1999, 2000, and 2001, we travelled to Kamchatka-peninsula in 2002 and 2003, and finally, this year to Iran. All expeditions are connected with ski-alpinism, snowboarding, and other snow and ice based activities.

General sites

Ski federation of Islamic Republic of Iran
Normal downhill skiing in Iran - with travel agency
Finnish on Iran's ski slopes
Iran Travel Information
Tehran info - museums, palaces, metro, map


Damavand at SummitPost.com
Damavand at Peakware.com

Weather forecast for Damavand and Iran

Damavand (5671 m) - 3 day forecast at http://www.snow-forecast.com
Damavand mid (4909 m) - 3 day forecast
Damavand bottom (4147 m) - 3 day forecast
Last three day snowfall in Iran
IranMountainzone forecast
Tehran 15 day forecast - forecast from http://www.AccuWeather.com

Ski mountaineering in Iran

Eagle ski expedition March 2004
High Adventure Iran March 2002
High Adventure Iran March 2002 - Iran's web
Sloveniens with skis at Damavand in 1995
Dusan from Slovenia with skis at Damavand
Italians in Iran
Pierro Rufino with skis at Damavand in 1999
Damavand at telemarktips.com
Ski Damavand as the Pacific Ring of Fire
Sepahbody skiing Damavand
Iran ski-expedition 2004 photos - Stefan and Pia
Iran ski-expedition 2004 - Norwegians Stefan and Pia
Their advertisment - Norwegians Stefan and Pia
High Adventure Iran March 2002
Telemark Iran - with travel agency

In the front of the ZAMZAM centre (similar to Czech MATTONI in Karlovy Vary).

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